Refusal to offer disabled doctors additional exam attempts ‘unlawful’

Royal College of GPs branded ‘irrational’ by BMA on its membership stance

By Tim Tonkin 10.07.24

BMA seeks emergency dialogue with Labour government

Association chair writes to health secretary to initiate rehabilitation of NHS

By Peter Blackburn 05.07.24

Fears for patient care due to shortages of chronic alcohol misuse treatment Pabrinex

Stocks of one of the most effective treatments for heavy drinkers have run out in some areas and doctors and charity bosses are warning that the most disenfranchised people in society will suffer

By Peter Blackburn 04.07.24

Out on a limb

From the Falklands to the Western Isles, island-hopping doctor Rebecca Payne has provided out-of-hours care in many beautiful and isolated places. Peter Blackburn follows her to Orkney to find out about life as a travelling GP


Doctors sign letter expressing MAPs fears

Document warns policy-makers and Government failed to acknowledge medical profession’s concerns

By Tim Tonkin 02.07.24

BMA backs subsidies to support junior doctors with cost of living

Pay restoration the priority but benefits touted to boost retention and wellbeing

By Ben Ireland 27.06.24

Strikes to continue until acceptable action taken

Junior doctors pledge to maintain industrial action until a credible offer is made

By Peter Blackburn 27.06.24

Doctors set out election challenges

BMA manifesto Patients Need Doctors outlines five areas the association wants the next Government to tackle

By Ben Ireland 27.06.24